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Haddonfield Taxes at Work

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While some may mark that Haddonfield taxes are higher than others, these taxes go to great work done throughout the town in a variety of ways. Haddonfield is touted as a classically beautiful town and its Shade Tree Commission plays a large role in the maintenance and preservation of the tree lined streets of the town. Recently, many Haddonfield streets have undergone repaving and maintenance of the water lines and pipes have been updated for modern needs.


In addition to funding maintenance in and around town, Haddonfield taxes help to contribute to the budget for the local school district, which is often lauded as one of the top in the state of New Jersey as well as the nation. From funding teacher salaries that support teachers who teach STEAM based instruction across the grades to maintaining the historical school buildings to providing equipment for state champion athletic programs, Haddonfield taxes are hard at work in the schools.

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